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5. júna 2017

Gambling Industry Outlook for 2011


Jozef Belicak


As discussed in previous articles, the Gambling Industry outlook for 2021 looks strong. The reasons for this include the fact that many US citizens have money saved through Gambling, which in turn supports many US Businesses. The growth in the online gambling market size and number of casinos available to players is expected to continue in the coming years as the benefits of gambling are widely known by the public. However, there are some other factors that may affect the growth rates of the online gambling industry such as the changing consumer spending habits and the increasing amount of regulation placed upon online gambling. Although all these factors are anticipated to contribute positively to the future growth rates of the gambling industry, a realistic prediction can be difficult to come by.

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Some areas where positive gambling growth predictions are made include Las Vegas and Atlantic City. These two locations have the most experience with the latest technology and gaming additions such as online poker. Both of these gambling cities have seen a large increase in the number of visitors over the past few years and both of these cities have seen sharp increases in both the number of people playing in the local casinos and the total prize payouts. Both of these gambling locations are now offering a wide range of games including the new video slot game “LCactus Poker”, which has become very popular with the increase in visitors and prize payouts in the casinos. Las Vegas and Atlantic City have also implemented tough gambling laws in order to combat the problem of Gambling addiction and the implementation of “microwave” gambling has also had a positive impact on the local gambling establishments.

Another area that has seen an increase in both visitors and the number of payouts in casinos over the last few years is Macao. The recently implemented Macao Casino Law, which prohibits online gambling has had a negative impact on the local casinos in terms of revenue as well as the number of individuals and families that begin to play in the local casinos. However, the increase in government support and the opening of new casinos in Macao, which are located in the more urban areas, may help the local gambling industry rebound and experience a long period of growth and success. Regardless, of which area of the country you are living in, there is a great opportunity for you to get involved in the increasing number of gambling industries around the country.

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